I remember telling you that I’d be consistent with my posts yet here I am, writing a blog post for the first time since March. My life completely changed in just two months, things happened so fast and I needed a little bit more time to adapt to the changes. But don’t worry, they are all good changes and everything works out perfectly.

You know in London, if you don’t have a car then living far away from the station would be so boring and waste too much time. Imagine wasting two hours a day just sitting on the train, that’d be in total 730 hours a year!! That’s why I feel so lucky I found a new place with my boyfriend which is right next to the station, and my new job is only three stops away. I’ve only been working here for almost a month but I love it, there’s nothing I can complain. I love the office environment, love the girls at work, super friendly and funny. The only downside is probably the long working hours, sometimes I finish at 9 p.m and I can’t really do anything else after work. Then I had a a talk with my mom and my boyfriend, they both support me with my decision to work less hours so I can really start focusing on what I want to do with my life. Next week is going to be my last week doing full time, after that, finally I can have some rest and there'll be more content. Yay !

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Hello friends,
It's been a long time since my last blog post. I know I promised you guys to start working on my blog, but I did not keep my promise. And I felt really really bad. In the course of nearly a year, a lot of things happened, I tried to focus on work as I said in the post in July but then again, I was mentally destroyed. I was so depressed and I tried to forget about everything by going to parties every weekends, sometimes even weekday. Until October, when I could no longer handle it,  I deactivated my facebook and shut myself from the world. I decided to pack my stuffs and went travel alone. Only then, I had the time and space to look back on everything. I came to realise, the only problem was myself. I did not love myself enought, I had a weak mind and that was why I failed in everything from relationships, friends, family to work.
After the new year, I left my apartment and rented a smaller room far from central London. It is  cheaper, but big enough. It's a bit old, but I've cleaned it up and started decorating it nicely (I'll show you when I'm done).
At the moment, I feel like I'm a whole new person. I'm beginning to be more responsible for my life. my work and only focus on what matters the most to  me, which is inner peace and happiness. So, let me promise you again, this time I will not disappoint you!

LACE TOP: PrettyLittleThing
DRESS: Glamorous Petite
SHOES: Valentino

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Some days I just can't be bothered to dress up from head to toe looking like a princess, so this is how I usually wear when I want to throw on me something casual but still looking quite posh. I try to combine a piece which made from a more expensive fabric with a high-street item. It is so wearable and I can basically wear this to work (buttons up), and head straight to the bar with one or two buttons down if I want to look a little sensuous.






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Can't you believe this awesome leather jacket was on sale for only £14.99? And it doesn't feel cheap at all. The material is thick, the prints look bright and high quality made, ,also the stitchings are on point. 

I'm the type of person who can't really find anything good on sale. But that Pull & Bear sale had a lot of wearable items for under £20. A few years ago, I never liked Pull & Bear because they never had anything that look good. But this year, the company has improved a lot on the quality and their visual.



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The sunrise in Venice was beautiful. I recommend waking up early if visiting in the summer. Because it's the only time you would be able to take stunning photos of Venice or yourself without people getting in the way. Especially in July, there were too many tourists here, me and my mom had to avoid the popular sights. we couldn't stand the crowd in such a hot weather. So if you do not like the crowd or the heat, visit Venice when it's more quiet! Probably around September onto winter time. 

 These are coloured houses in Burano Island. It takes about 40 minutes to get here from the main Venice with Vaporetto. The island is great for taking photos to show off on your Instagram account. Then, there are a lot of lace shops and it's the main attraction. Otherwise, you could visit a few little shops where they show the 'glume glass working' technique.

These are coloured houses in Burano Island. It takes about 40 minutes to get here from the main Venice with Vaporetto. The island is great for taking photos to show off on your Instagram account. Then, there are a lot of lace shops and it's the main attraction. Otherwise, you could visit a few little shops where they show the 'glume glass working' technique.




It's my first day in Venice. I've always wanted to visit this lovely city. This time I was going with my mom so we couldn't visit museums, galleries and exhibitions because my mom is 50 years old now and she can't really go walking too much, it would make her feel really tired in the end of the day,  also the weather was quite hot too. But it doesn't matter that much, I just wanted to spend good times with my mom as we don't meet that often. 

I also realised that I'm not good at taking pictures at all haha. Maybe I need like a wider angle lens. I feel like all my photos are cropped and I can't show much of Venice through these photos. They are pretty nice though, it's my first time doing this travel thing so I'm happy with the results. Everything is kind of blurry for me, I don't know which direction I should go for? I have so many things in my mind, things I'd like to do for example : travel blogs, youtube vlogs, outfits for lookbook...etc. Maybe I should start having the habit of having a notebook with me all the time. There are too much to learn and I feel like time is running out. 


One of my friend saw that I came up with a name for my blog/youtube. He said it shoud be into 'a' new world, not 'the'. So I think I just explain it here for everyone to know why I use 'the'. Into The New World is a song from my favorite girl band in my childhood. Now you wonder why I use this song as inspiration while there are many great songs out there. Well, this song helped me go through a lot of tough period times in my teenager years. Everytime I feel like giving up, I play the song and cheer myself up and try to think about positive things. 

Don’t wait for a miracle, there’s a rough road in front of us
with obstacles and future that can’t be known, yet I won’t change, I can’t give up.

The lyrics can be quite cliche for some people, but it's still beautiful for me. The dance is energetic, the girls are always smiling and give a message that no matter what happens, always stand up, be happy and smile for better days. 

Early Morning In Covent Garden

I had so much motivation in me that I was able to wake up at 7 a.m and arrive in Covent Garden at 9 p.m. London is a lot more beautiful when it's not busy. I walked past Carluccio's and saw they have really lovely settings outside so I sat there and had Capuccino as usual while waiting for Tano to arrive. I like Covent Garden a lot, it's much more clean than other areas in the city.  But it's also very crowded on daytime, that's why I only visit the city either very early or before Midnight. 



It's time to take a break from all those messy and unhealthy relationships. Right now, I want to be single, for the first time in my life. You know I've always been that kind of girl who dive into relationships too fast and get my hearts broken. That's one of the reasons why I could never get anything done even though I know myself I could achieve great things in life If I just work hard. But relationships always got into the way. I was just too young to understand and I had to learn it the hard way. I hope it's not too late now to start all over again. It's funny how my friends are betting on how long I can stay single for. They don't think I can survice more than 2 months. Well , let's see! This time I'm going to win so watch me! 


Hi guys, I know it's been quite a long time since my last post. I've been a bad girl partying every weekends plus heavy uni works. But I promise I'm getting back to blogging this week. I also think of starting youtube videos as well. Hopefully I'll manage to get it done. My contact lens store is now open so please do check it out. <3

And I should really be more serious about blogging because it makes me feel good about myself. It's like I have so much thoughts running nonstop inside my head that I need to have a place to pour it out because I don't talk to people that much. 

Christmas is coming soon, so much things happened and I felt like I went through three years of events in a one year time. I guess adult life is not that boring at all, wish I could stay 25 forever. Isn't it a perfect age? You're not young and stupid anymore but still young enough to not feel like 'oh shit I don't know what they talking about' when hanging out with younger friends. Being 25 is very exciting but frightening at the same time. You don't know where you gonna be and who with. When I were younger, things used to be planned out most of the time, even if I was making mistakes, I would still be able to fix things. But now when I live by yourself, take care of everything in your life, I have to be careful with every steps that I take. 



I really really want a sunny day in London. No wonder why people in London feel so lonely, the weather is so saaaaad here. You can probably tell from these photos. I don't understand, why does it rain so much here? Even if it's not raining, the whole sky is filled with those dark clouds. It makes me feel so lazy so tired and sad all the time. The only thing that makes me happier is probably good results from studying or whenever I walk downstairs and see my items have arrived. I should probably make youtube videos since it's so sad outside, me and Tano can't really go out and do photoshoot for the next week contents. Maybe a thrift haul? we'll see ;P




London is getting colder now, I can feel it finally. Time to bring out your favourite hoodies and jackets. Here I'm wearing street brand clothes. You know you don't have to pay fortune to look good. Just don't give a f*ck and wear whatever you want. 

Me and Tano got the most hilarious photos ever, I cried from laughing too much. But I actually liked this one, it's very natural and unique though we laugh at first. 


KINTAN - Japannese BBQ

 Price: £££££

Food: 7/10

Toilet Hygiene: 5/10 


About Kintan:


Kintan is the first yakiniku-style restaurant in London. Yakiniku, literally meaning ‘grilled meat’, is the Japanese take on the Korean barbecue and one of the most popular dining styles in Japan. Being Japanese, Yakiniku restaurants employ a little engineering ingenuity to provide smokeless table grills with subterranean smoke extraction so that the flavour of the food stays on your plate and off of your clothes.


The restaurant look very nice, modern and clean but the toilet was quite the opposite. A little bit smelly and papers were everywhere. I am really picky person, so I dislike nice restaurants with dirty toilets. Even though the food was okay, I don't think I will pay another visit. There are better BBQs in town, and probably without flies flying in front of my face. 



The summer is strangely long this year in the UK. It is so long that most people don't even realize that September has just ended few days ago. It's actually October now? I can't wear my parka yet, normally I could by this time already. I'm not sure what we should when the sea rises and we lose all land. I think we, human will create our own apocalypse before anything else will :(

I went out again with my photographer friend. We walked around the Brick Lane. Shoreditch area and I discovered some really nice vintage shops. Sadly I ran out of my allowance this month, after purchased 11 items from a street clothing brand haha random me again you see xD. But I will definitely go back there to buy additional clothes to match with those items I got. I'm really excited to show you guys the outfits I have in mind. 

This time my friend showed me Lightroom filter so I don't have to use VSCO cam anymore. I'm really happy with the result, my friend is really good at picking up good spot and ankle. His photos are just nice as they are, and then I played around with the filters. 

I think we learned how to work with each other. I became very natural in front of the camera, I played and interacted with the camera like a friend. That way it would be easier for the photographer. Next time I will make sure all photos have the same filter. 



Hi! This is my new blog, once again!. This time for real.... I don't know how many times I've said that? I won't promise anything today and we'll see how far I'll go. 

A month or two before the summer holiday, I randomly asked this guy on Facebook to go and watch a movie with me because I had a spare ticket (we all have that one friend who always cancel things right?). We just had each other on Facebook but did  not actually know each other in real life. It was super random, but that you can expect from a crazy person like me ;). Long story short, he is a great photographer. We decided to just walking around London and tried to be creative with our photos. First session was a little awkward at first, but we managed to get some good photos for my blog.

For this first entry, I just wanted to get used  to the camera so I wore a very simple outfit so that I could move around easily.