Hi! This is my new blog, once again!. This time for real.... I don't know how many times I've said that?  ...so I won't promise anything today and we'll see how far I'll go. 

A month or two before the summer holiday, I randomly asked this guy on Facebook to go and watch a movie with me because I had a spare ticket (we all have that one friend who always cancel things right?). We just had each other on Facebook but did  not actually know each other in real life. It was super random, but that you can expect from a crazy person like me ;). Long story short, he is a great photographer. We decided to just walking around London and tried to be creative with our photos. First session was a little awkward at first, but we managed to get some good photos for my blog.

For this first entry, I just wanted to get used  to the camera so I wore a very simple outfit so that I could move around easily.