The summer is strangely long this year in the UK. It is so long that most people don't even realize that September has just ended few days ago. It's actually October now? I can't wear my parka yet, normally I could by this time already. I'm not sure what we should when the sea rises and we lose all land. I think we, human will create our own apocalypse before anything else will :(

I went out again with my photographer friend. We walked around the Brick Lane. Shoreditch area and I discovered some really nice vintage shops. Sadly I ran out of my allowance this month, after purchased 11 items from a street clothing brand haha random me again you see xD. But I will definitely go back there to buy additional clothes to match with those items I got. I'm really excited to show you guys the outfits I have in mind. 

This time my friend showed me Lightroom filter so I don't have to use VSCO cam anymore. I'm really happy with the result, my friend is really good at picking up good spot and ankle. His photos are just nice as they are, and then I played around with the filters. 

I think we learned how to work with each other. I became very natural in front of the camera, I played and interacted with the camera like a friend. That way it would be easier for the photographer. Next time I will make sure all photos have the same filter.