One of my friend saw that I came up with a name for my blog/youtube. He said it shoud be into 'a' new world, not 'the'. So I think I just explain it here for everyone to know why I use 'the'. Into The New World is a song from my favorite girl band in my childhood. Now you wonder why I use this song as inspiration while there are many great songs out there. Well, this song helped me go through a lot of tough period times in my teenager years. Everytime I feel like giving up, I play the song and cheer myself up and try to think about positive things. 

Don’t wait for a miracle, there’s a rough road in front of us
with obstacles and future that can’t be known, yet I won’t change, I can’t give up.

The lyrics can be quite cliche for some people, but it's still beautiful for me. The dance is energetic, the girls are always smiling and give a message that no matter what happens, always stand up, be happy and smile for better days. 

Early Morning In Covent Garden

I had so much motivation in me that I was able to wake up at 7 a.m and arrive in Covent Garden at 9 p.m. London is a lot more beautiful when it's not busy. I walked past Carluccio's and saw they have really lovely settings outside so I sat there and had Capuccino as usual while waiting for Tano to arrive. I like Covent Garden a lot, it's much more clean than other areas in the city.  But it's also very crowded on daytime, that's why I only visit the city either very early or before Midnight.