It's my first day in Venice. I've always wanted to visit this lovely city. This time I was going with my mom so we couldn't visit museums, galleries and exhibitions because my mom is 50 years old now and she can't really go walking too much, it would make her feel really tired in the end of the day,  also the weather was quite hot too. But it doesn't matter that much, I just wanted to spend good times with my mom as we don't meet that often. 

I also realised that I'm not good at taking pictures at all haha. Maybe I need like a wider angle lens. I feel like all my photos are cropped and I can't show much of Venice through these photos. They are pretty nice though, it's my first time doing this travel thing so I'm happy with the results. Everything is kind of blurry for me, I don't know which direction I should go for? I have so many things in my mind, things I'd like to do for example : travel blogs, youtube vlogs, outfits for lookbook...etc. Maybe I should start having the habit of having a notebook with me all the time. There are too much to learn and I feel like time is running out.