I remember telling you that I’d be consistent with my posts yet here I am, writing a blog post for the first time since March. My life completely changed in just two months, things happened so fast and I needed a little bit more time to adapt to the changes. But don’t worry, they are all good changes and everything works out perfectly.

You know in London, if you don’t have a car then living far away from the station would be so boring and waste too much time. Imagine wasting two hours a day just sitting on the train, that’d be in total 730 hours a year!! That’s why I feel so lucky I found a new place with my boyfriend which is right next to the station, and my new job is only three stops away. I’ve only been working here for almost a month but I love it, there’s nothing I can complain. I love the office environment, love the girls at work, super friendly and funny. The only downside is probably the long working hours, sometimes I finish at 9 p.m and I can’t really do anything else after work. Then I had a a talk with my mom and my boyfriend, they both support me with my decision to work less hours so I can really start focusing on what I want to do with my life. Next week is going to be my last week doing full time, after that, finally I can have some rest and there'll be more content. Yay !

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